DuoVVD2webresThis duo finds it's challenge in - although being just a saxophone & a drummer - bringing a varied set of live music that is sparkling with energy, but also an ear-caressing experience. A real jazz performance which will be different every time you hear them.

Mimi is an outstanding drummer who has also developed impressive skills on the guitar. That make's him a special drummer. A musician that is even more aware of the melodies and the harmonies that surround him. In this combination Tom plays the baritone and the soprano saxophones but also the EWI, a wind synthesizer by AKAI. Watch-Listen

One of the many ways they'll captivate your attention is the subtle use of electronics in their jazz performance. They share a strong interest in the role electronics could play in the process of creating spontaneous, improvised music. This '2-man band' is their playground.

Coining their style of music to just bebop or hard-bop cannot do justice to what they play. True, they feel rooted in these traditions, but they won’t limit themselves doing only a style-exercise. Original compositions and personal versions of standards always link them to what is today’s music.
Their shared love for groove and melody in their original compositions as well as in standards will make it easy for listeners to participate and tune in to this musical endeavor. 


If you want read their detailed bio's, click the links below:

Mimi Verderame

Tom Van Dyck


Pictures below by courtesy of Robert Hansenne

Concert@Jacques Peltzer February 8, 2018

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Concert@Jazz à Huy July 28, 2018

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Concert Jazz@home September 09, 2018

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