14th December 2020 with the help from the Vlaamse Gemeenschap, we will be able to finally present our album in a HQ streamed concert. We scheduled this event on 19th February at 19:30. More info soon!

15th September 2020: Concert or no concert: The Chromatic Gardener is oficially released
CD is in the house and can be ordered in our webshop ... . No better way to support us then to buy a cd.

15th august 2020: Online collaboration with an old inspiring musical best friend, composer and viola player Oene Van Geel will result in a duo CD about to appear soon.

17 May 2020: https://www.tomvandyck.eu is https now, from now on perfectly secure to write me a message or order a cd ...

4 May 2020: Our album-release concert in Rataplan 28th May cancelled definitively

24 April 2020: CD is in the house and can be ordered, a covid-19 pre-release ...

18 April 2020: The Chromatic Gardener CD is ready to be produced in the CD factory. Watch our trailer. Official release will be postponed. More info here

15 March 2020: Very glad to announce SoulFactory will be releasing 'The Chromatic Gardener' by Saxkartel

12th March 2020: The Chromatic Gardener was mixed today. Mastering and production soon

27, 28 & 29 December 2020: Saxkartel had an intense rehearsal, a concert and 2 days of recording @ Jetstudio
We were in the right kind of caring hands of sound engineer Rudy Coclet. A CD will appear somewhere in April 2020.

23th Aug 2019: Stream Nowbop album on all streaming platforms. (Spotify, Deezer, iTunes, Apple Music etc.)

We hope you still support us by ordering the album if you like it/if you like what we're doing.

August 2019: Finally time for some intense rehearsals with Saxkartel, we feel eager to play our upcoming concerts in september & october ...

28th May 2019: The duo album Nowbop is a fact. You can support us by buying it, thanks!

January 2019: New video's from Saxkartel here

November 2018: Recording a cd with Mimi Verderame.

29 October 2018: Reformed Saxkartel with Thomas Jillings, Bart Borremans & Matthias Van den Brande recorded 4 new tunes. Music & footage soon on youtube & this site.

24 April 2018: Renewed website online ... Feel free toThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

December 2017 - January 2018

28 January 2018 All tracks are now mixed by Mimi and I put the footage my girlfriend Heidi Zwaenepoel made along to it. Watch here or on Youtube
15 December 2017 Mimi & I recorded 6 tunes in Pieter Apers' studio - Mimi on guitar & drums, me on baritone saxophone & EWI

February - March - April - May 2017:

1st May we recorded some the new edition of Saxkartel. Audio/video here

4th March we recorded t-unit5 with our Tristano project. Watch/listen here
27th February we recorded fruitfully 6 tunes with ROTOMEK, our cello/sax duo. First video published on YT and this site. Watch/listen here

14 July 2016: We recorded some of the music I wrote for a monologue by Yella Arnouts, duo's for cellist Romek Maniewski & saxophone  (me on alto & soprano). Pieter Apers made the recording. Listen here

Hello, found some recordings of my never-released-cd of Odds On, my project with Kris Duerinckx, Mark Haanstra & Andreas Suntrop. Listen here